3by3 - Better, healthier skin this winter

Better, healthier skin this winter

by Erica Layton RCRT

Jan 4, 2017

The first big snow fall and what does everyone think about? Their skin. Just kidding, but we should be. It becomes more dry in the air and increases the chances for our skin to dry out. Why take care of our skin? Its one of the five largest organs of elimination. What goes on with your skin in an exact replica of what is going on in the inside of your body. 

A great quote from one of my favourite books “The Vitamin Bible” by Earl Mindell, RPH, Phd states from a Dr. of Cosmetology; “ If creams could accomplish the same thing as medical procedure they would be (called) drugs and not cosmetics” Dr. Marsha Gordon. 
Topical cosmetic creams may promise age defying results but the truth is to look your best you need to follow some simple instructions:

Drink 8 glasses of water daily, this means good purified chlorine free water, not tea, coffee or milk. In fact, keep your dairy, a highly congestive product to a minimum if not restricted in you have any skin issues. Water is the best product for helping this large organ of elimination flush and replenish itself on an hourly basis! 
Keep your sweets to a minimum!! Great substitute HONEY! Using natural raw unpasteurized honey not only combats the sweet tooth but also enhances enzyme function, helping digestion and feeing the good bacteria- an essential element to great looking skin. 
Get the best nutrients you can for your skin: Here is a list from the Vitamin Bible of great quality vitamins you can look into for healthy, glowing skin on a daily basis: 
Trace Minerals- liquid trace minerals can help restore balance to your cells that replenish themselves billions at a time every day. 
Vitamin E- 400-800 IUS Improves circulation in tiny face capillaries and aids in replenishing the skins outer layer
Antioxidants: Vitamin C, Selenium, Ginkgo Biona, CoQ10, Bilberry, L-glutathione, grapeseed extract
Sulphur: Sulphur has been known as the ‘skin conditioner’ if you have dry skin, eczema, psoriasis or other type of ‘cracked’ dry skin this product is for you! 
MSM- methysulfonylmethane 1000 mg promotes the formation of collagen and helps to produce new skin
    1. TCM states that the lungs govern the skin or the Metal Element. Depending on what type of skin issue you are dealing with, whether it be too dry or too moist, facial reflexology can help you to restore balance of yin/yang to the lungs giving you support to bring your skin back into balance. There may be a fire, in the case of dry, eczema and psoriasis that needs to be calmed down. Too much Yang perhaps! 
    2.  Western Medicine will generally say that a skin condition is from the nervous system being out of balance, the body is in a state of fight or flight, adrenal fatigue or what we call operating in the sympathetic nervous system. Basically the body thinks it is primarily in a state of warning. At this point the constant stimulus from our eyes, ears, touch etc send our bodies immune response into a tizzy!! Therefore we need to calm the nerves: your simple breathing techniques go directly to calming the nervous system, decrease your inflammatory response with Omega 3 and support your immune system. 

From one of my other favourite books along side “You can heal your life” by Loiuse Hay I enjoy “Feelings Buried Alive Never Die” by Karol K. Truman where we talk about attachments we can look at in our own lives to discover the emotional attachment we may have to help us clear skin issues
    1. Pimples: Unresolved frustrations, hidden anger surfacing, dislike of self
    2. Psoriasis: Emotional insecurity, holding onto feelings/fears the go against you, not speaking your truth with love, unwilling to be accountable for own feelings, unresolved or deep seeded hurt feelings surfacing
    3. Shingles: fear things wont work out the way you want, over-sensitive, on-going tension concerning a situation, 
    4. Skin Disease: unresolved feelings of irritation or criticism, disturbed reactions over trivial things, lack of security, feelings of impatience, boredom or unsettled
    5. Skin rashes: inner conflicts surfacing, someone or something is irritating you, feeling frustrated at not being able to accomplish something
    6. Varicose veins: pronounced tension, wanting to run away, feelings of discouragement, negativity or resistance, feeling overburdened. 
    7. Warts: refusing to see the beauty in life, feelings of hate taking form, built up feelings of inadequacy or unworthiness
    8. Abscess: seething unresolved hurt feelings, wanting revenge, festering feelings, stagnation, holding on to an old concept
    9. Acne: feelings of guilt, feelings of self rejection/dislike of sea, disowning what is happening in life, unwilling to face up to issues
    10. Skin cancer; a form of destruction due to feeling inadequate or unworthy
    11. Cold sores: inability to express anger, feeling pressured or burdened by responsibilities, unable to cope with pressures of life, feeling resentful of the load you are carrying, not wanting to accept specific news
    12. Eczema: over-sensitive, feel you are being interfered with or prevented from doing something, thus feeling frustrated, unresolved hurt or irritated feelings
    13. Bags under your eyes: holding on to old inaccurate concepts
    14. Circles under your eyes: bitterness, resentment/hurt, self-condemnation, feeling unfulfilled, deep-seeded grief, remorse/regret
    15. Fungal skin: inability to let go of the past, allowing the past to rule the now, hanging on to old concepts/can’t change

Fifteen different things we can start to think and feel about how we can let go! It doesn’t do US, the person dealing with the issue, any good to bury the feelings that can end up harming us the worst. It wont be anyone but ourselves that create our destiny in life. You can choose. 

Michael Weiland