A Unique Clinic with Unique Results

By Erica Layton, RCRT

Reflexology Therapy is recently gaining more momentum for its abilities to re-balance the body regardless of the condition. You have either stumbled upon this technique, heard about it randomly or have searched for an alternative treatment style in hope of gaining relief from what you may have decided was normal to live with! 

The trend of today is in stress reduction because we are finally understanding that over 80% (or what is unexplained) of conditions are caused by stress. Stress you say? Yes.  Read More Our nervous system (NS), a communication system, is always receiving stimulus- what we hear, see, touch, think and do all need to be interpreted by the NS and give instructions on what to do with the information. These signals stimulate what we call the autonomic nervous system because it happens automatically thus causing a chain of reactions in the body which can lead to disruptions in any part, gland or system of the body. Like any good story there are always two sides, one being sympathetic and the other parasympathetic. Like any good spectrum neither is bad however overuse on one side can lead to complications. With the demands we put on our bodies whether that be in the form of relationships, social requirements, job performance and schedule, kids, house chores, driving across town, traffic, aging parents, emails, to-do lists, hosting relatives or friends, birthdays, working out, sports, extra-curricular activities and do I need to go on? These all require extra blood delivery for muscle contractions, mental focus, extra heart pumps and increased blood flow resulting in increased blood pressure, tension on the heart, slowed digestion, foggy brain and ultimately an imbalance in body function. The big problem with these types of imbalances lies in the phenomena of our bodies... we generally don't recognize the signs until the spectrum has been tilted one way for wayyyyy too long. We want a pill or a quick solution because lets face it, the symptoms usually suck!! 
Where does this leave you and us? Why reflexology therapy is gaining popularity is because of its abilities, regardless of belief, to rebalance the spectrum therefore automatically reversing the symptoms. It's specific technique is designed to send signals through the same NS enabling the body to respond in a favourable manor by releasing endorphins resulting in quicker pain relief and improved sleep quality. Both of which result in happier and more motivated people. Wouldn't this be good for you? 

Michael Weiland