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The Roots of Healing Chronic Stress | Self Reflex Routine | LIVESTREAM CIRCLE


The age of stress is upon us in heaps and it takes a well balanced system to cope with the overload.

WHEN: February 11th 
TIME: 6:30pm PST | 7:30 MST
LINK: Emailed upon Registration

Our offering:
You will come away knowing an efficient foot routine to reduce chronic symptoms of stress such as; anxiety, depression, pain, poor memory, irritability, fogginess , high blood pressure or heart palpitations.

This livestream circle offers you two options:

  1. Registration Only $25
  2. Reg + Self Care Kit $65  ($15 saving - kit online is $60) - SOLDOUT

We're excited to have you join us for this exquisite workshop to learn some effective techniques to better manage stress in the moment you need it most. We generally have an interesting relationship with stress and the dangerous side to stress is the ability to pass on by the symptoms. Keep pushing through right? Hmmmm....

Our focus will be foot reflexes pertaining to the autonomic nervous system; parasympathetic | sympathetic, brainstem, vagus nerve, head | jaw

LiveStream Circle details:

Find a nice spot in your home.

Quiet. Relaxing. Comfortable. We will be sitting for 1.5 hours. 

  1. Link sent upon registration 
  2. 1.5 hours of virtual space that is created for everyone to feel welcome. 
  3. We encourage you have the Self Care Kit but if you have some fav's  (Healing Foot Balm + massage tool) to bring to the session, let's do it!! 
  4. Grab a pillow, you want your knee to be supported while you work your feet
  5. Have a throw blanket available for over your shoulders, when you go into a state of rest and repair, things can get chilly!
  6. So... Make yourself a nice hot cup of tea and even a heating pad 🌤