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Studio on 27

Magnesium Lotion, Clove Bud & Japanese Mint


Studio on 27 Magnesium Lotion
Clove Bud & Japanese Mint

Silky smooth double strength lotion of magnesium chloride in a blend of nourishing butters and oils that absorb quickly and leave your skin feeling amazing!


Warm Clove Bud offering antimicrobial properties & digestive upset,  soothing Japanese Mint is excellent for treating sprains, swelling, or tension relief. Softening Shae butter and mellow Mango Butter offering hydration and moisture. Powerful Magnesium Chloride has a multitude of benefits, such as muscle & nerve function, better quality sleep, tension & headache relief, PMS symptoms, and more.



100% Vegan / 100% Natural / 73% Organic / 100% Recyclable

100ml glass jar