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Single Pyramid

Reflexology Experience

Single Pyramid


The Pyramid is a powerful clearing and balancing orgone tool. It helps to clear the auric field and to charge the body. 

5 metals are incorporated in this Krystaline design, with 24 carat gold as the outer layer and platinum at the apex. The combination of negative ions with the orgone effect makes this a powerful tool to help balance body, mind, and spirit.

Shungite can be added to this pyramid system to greatly enhance the therapeutic effect.

NOTE: Single pyramids combined with Shungite are recognized by the Ministry of Health in Cuba and are being used in hospitals there.


  1. Meditate while sitting in the field. Hang it so that you can sit under it, or lay it so that you are sitting in the field being broadcast from the base of the system.

  2. Sweep your auric field: “Sweeping” is best done with a partner but can be done by yourself. Whether alone or with a partner, start by aiming the system at a 45-degree angle so that the field emanating from the base of the system is directed to your zero chakra (about 12 inches below your feet). Hold this position for a minute or two. Most people will feel very grounded by then. Once you are grounded, slowly “ move ” the pyramid system up your body ( base of the system level to the body and a few inches away from it). Finish over the head. Do this a few times up the front of the body. If you have a partner, you can then turn around and have your partner sweep up your back from your zero chakra to the top of your head. Do this as many times as feels appropriate. A few sweeps both front and back are often sufficient for a session. If you desire to be more grounded, then a downward sweep will facilitate this.

  3. You may sit or sleep with the system aimed toward you. For sleeping, hang the system over your bed. 

  4. Relieve minor aches and pains by placing the pyramid over the affected area. 

  5. Charge your food, supplements, water, garden, crystals, and more.