Ruby Mist
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* Replenishes - Strengthens physically and emotionally *

Historical: Ancient India
Emotional: Grounding, Stability, loyalty, courage, passion, devotion, addictions.


  • Balances blood sugars
  • Benefits blood and bone disorders (cancer, hemophiliacs, diabetes, broken bones), Strengthens the immune system.


  • To give from your heart with love and joy. An oil to be used for those who are in service to others and have nothing left to give (feeling depleted).
  • Useful for disagreements and dispute with others (to reenergize when one is exhausted)
  • Grounding -  It builds, it strengthens physically and emotionally. Gives the courage to move forward, for those feeling stuck.
  • A substitute for a dependency on depleting caffeine, drugs, alcohol. Ruby energizes without depleting.
  • The morning elixir allows you to live each day in strength.
  • Attracts loyalty and stability from others.
  • Banishes the feeling of limitation from draining situations, ie: Life, people, pressures. Helps with decision making.

“I do hereby affirm that I AM using the Ruby Oil to consciously align my path with protection from negativity and physical harm or illness while raising the level of courage, integrity, leadership. I ask for guidance in this from the source Trinity, from the Elohim and from the Ascended Masters, from the Angelic kingdom and my Spirit Guides”.

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