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Dien Chan + Chan'beauté

Reflex Program: Foundations of Dien Chan and Chan'beauté | Calgary, AB


The Reflex Program is the beginning point for everyone looking to study facial reflexology.

This program contains two components.  

Course One: Self Care Mastery

Course Two: Client Care Basics & Treatment Room Essentials

Dien Chan facial reflexology is about getting familiar with faces, learning how to project diagrams properly and how to start asking the right questions for advanced diagnostic possibilities. Throughout this series you will learn the original intentions of this natural healing art form along with its creative opportunities. Understanding how you can simply communicate with yourself through the lines, moles and marks of the face is the focus of these classes. Let your inner healer speak! 

Dien Chan is a Vietnamese-born technique allowing the practitioner to become a true Care Designer in the complimentary health field. 

This is not intended to replace any medical advice.