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Pink Tourmaline Mist

Ascention Aromatics

Pink Tourmaline Mist



Is more feminine than the other Tourmalines and it has a very beautiful energy. It vibrates with the heart of the body but the heart of the soul as well. Very high vibration of spirit heart vibration. Very loving. It brings joy and happiness to a persons life. Used in meditation it will help to activate opening the crown to lift into the soul heart. It helps with emotional or mood related problems, particularly if a person is feeling rejected, dejected, stressed. A lack of interest, feeling withdrawn from the world. This will gently ease them back into a joyful, loving place. Feelings of tension and stress are relieved by this lovely Pink Oil to heal the emotions. Helps to feel more at ease, more relaxed, but it's a strong, feminine Yin vibration to match the green of
masculine, Green Tourmaline, to balance the masculine. It helps to develop comfort and support to those that have been in a low vibration, depression or dejection state.

This beautiful oil encourages cheerfulness, to raise the feelings of misery and sorrow into joy and happiness. Enhances creativity, positivity. It's a very positive gemstone oil. It empowers the user to live life from their higher spiritual perspective and allow divine love to guide
their path. Will help people that have angina and heart problems to find a relaxing, a calming of
the physical heart.

“ I do hereby affirm that I AM using the sacred oil of Pink Tourmaline to consciously enhance my heart, my love, my joy for others and myself. I ask
for guidance in this from the Holy Trinity, the Elohim the Ascended Masters and the Elemental Kingdom”.