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Obsidian Mist

Ascention Aromatics

Obsidian Mist


Obsidian Mist is a very unusual black crystal.

Obsidian dissolves anger and criticism and fear. It absorbs the dark and converts it to white light. There is no way of misusing obsidian. Some people think that it can be used in satanic or evil ways. It cannot be misused, there is no way, it is too strong for that. Obsidian has this conversion of darkness to the light, it brings light from the higher registers down to the lower ones. It cleans and uplifts. The darker the lower registers, transmutes immediately into the light. It converts. It takes black and makes it white.

A concern of lightworkers and those that have broken a favorite crystal, Obsidian when placed on the broken crystal, heals and restores the crystal back to its original power.

“I hereby declare that I AM using the sacred oil Obsidian to convert darkness into
white light. That my anger criticism and fears are dissolved that I am cleansed
and uplifted and I accept the change that I Am. And it is so.”