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Multireflexology - Dien Chan:  Mod I + Chan'beaute (Los Angeles, CA)

Multireflexology - Dien Chan: Mod I + Chan'beaute (Los Angeles, CA)


Instructor: Erica Layton, International School of Multireflexology Dien Chan

Location: Location TBA* -  Los Angeles, CA.

Date:  Nov 14 - 16, 2020

Time:  9:00am - 5:30pm

Cost: $895CDN + GST

Certification Modules:  DienChan'reflex, Chan'beaute 

Course Syllabus: Download this document

Included with fee:

  • Multireflexology Course Manual
  • Chan'beaute Manual
  • (3) Multireflex Tools: Nº 128 - Little Hammer, Nº 133 - Comet Detector, Nº 219 - Small Rake
  • Participation Certificate (eligible for CEU credits)
  • Course Certification (upon completion of 10hrs practical hours)
  • Dien Chan Club membership with access to private training and discounted purchases on Multireflex Tools




Dien Chan Multireflexology Canada

3-Day Course: Module One: DienChan'reflex, Chan'beaute

Our introductory cerified course combines therapeutic solutions, natural aesthetics and well-being through step by step protocols and detecting styles.

In order to become a successful practitioner of Chan'beauté, it is necessary to understand the fundamentals of Dien Chan. We learn to use facial diagnostics in a practical way, giving meaning to the reasons ‘imperfections’ show up on our face. This technique of natural aesthetics and therapeutic well-being is second to none when  the origin of the imperfection is discovered and ultimately rebalanced. Investigating the expressions on our face can lead us to a greater understanding to solve many common issues.

The protocols studied are dissected during the 3 days training in order to best  comprehend their origins and effectively adapt them to every client.  By personalizing your care, you can achieve better results along with increased client loyalty.

To do this, we are analyzing the first essential diagrams and the different techniques for using multireflex tools. The solution to common beauty issues come easily when you allow yourself to understand that performing Dien Chan alongside Chan'beauté is the real answer to real results.


What is Dien Chan?
Dien Chan - Facial Reflexology by Multireflex is a unique certified program developed in Europe and  now available to estheticians, skincare and holistic health therapists. Based upon a 25-year study by Vietnamese acupuncturist Professor Chau, facial reflexology provides students a blend of beauty and therapeutic techniques. The foundations of this practice are based upon a defined map of reflexes and zones located on the face.  Multireflexology is an integrated system of acupuncture, TCM, acupressure and reflexology.  The course instruction includes the discovery and clearing of reflex and energy blockages, facial lymphatic massage, stimulation techniques with multireflex tools and building beauty protocols for clients (wrinkle reduction, scar treatment, skin toning, sun spots, cellulite, etc).  This program is a perfect holistic compliment for estheticians and health professionals to add to their existing training and services.  



Erica Weiland

A certified EiMDC instructor and therapist from Calgary, Canada.  She is a licensed teacher of the multireflexology program since 2016 and is currently North America's only trained instructor.  Erica brings diverse experience to the Dien Chan program, she is a foot reflexology instructor and therapist, certified nutrionist, reiki master and personal trainer. As a passionate and knowlegable educator, Erica provides students with the foundations of Dien Chan, effective strategies to implement the method in their practice and everyday life, along with a working knowledge and practical experience to achieve lasting results for clients.

Erica founded the Reflexology Experience clinic and training centre, North America's first reflexology focused facility with two locations based in Calgary and Victoria.

Contact Erica with any questions you might have -






The course fee will reserve your space for the certified training and is non-refundable.  We do understand circumstances can change, if you cannot attend, a course credit will be available (valid for 2 years) towards another Multireflex program.




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