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Moldavite Mist

Moldavite Mist


Moldavite originated from Outer space, it has and Off world vibration. It is an Extra-terrestrial gem. It opens telepathic reception. 


For those that incarnated and are uncomfortable.  Gives understanding to those that cannot adjust to life on this Planet (many incarnations off world and the hardship of Earth, is almost beyond them…sometimes considered the misfitsof society).  Powerful expansion for those have and affinity for off-world,  ie: The Galactic Command and Extraterrestrials’.

 Emotional: Moldavite will ease mental disturbances.  Provides grounding for persons that would be classified as maladjusted or Spacey due to fear.  Helps ground back the soul to vehicle/physical body,  that is on the Earth.

Physical:  Beneficial to Autism, Asthma (those who are afraid to breath), Epilepsy for Human or Animals.

                                              Intention :

“I do hereby affirm that I am using the Sacred Oil of Moldavite. I align my path with a very high self; balancing the physical body and the mind to prepare for Ascension. Aid in my communication with the Extraterrestrials & the Higher Dimensional Sources. I ask for guidance from the Source Trinity, the Elohim, the Ascended Masters, the Archangels and my spirit guides.”