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Essence of Sound by Evelyn Mulders


Essence of Sound by Evelyn Mulders


This book offers a unique understanding of how Energy Medicine has the potential to enhance health, vitality and personal growth. It enables the reader to understand the three-dimensional aspects of the energy body and bring awareness to the healing potential of nature’s resources through the use of vibrational therapy. 

  • An innate understanding of why keeping the energy body balanced is integral to creating overall well being.
  • Insight regarding the missing link to optimum health.
  • The healing implications of Energy Medicine easily explained.
  • Sound and its resonate healing effects on the body.
  • A thorough description of the Meridians and their impact on body balance.
  • How the seven senses support vitality in relation to the seven Chakras.
  • The realization of the body's inherent immune system; the Auric Field.
  • The role Figure Eight Energy plays in Energy Medicine.
  • How "Sound Essence" is full spectrum vibrational healing that fully supports the body's energy anatomy.