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Citrine Mist

Citrine Mist


THE GEM of Personal Power & Manifestation
Emotional: Addictions, Personal and intellectual power.
Physical: Endurance, digestion, de-toxifing, food allergies. Mental focus & Studying

Historical: One of the older crystals. In ancient times it was thought as crystal gold because of its amber/gold colour. St. Germain used it to heal internal disturbances for those who are not aware of “Self”

OVERVIEW: A predictive power. Very crystalline. Attracts abundance, due to
connectiveness to the Crystalline vibration power. Helps adjust out of external
disturbances and live in the power of the eternal spirit (the higher alignment to
know yourself. Guides individuals out of the external entrapment, while attracting
the abundance of the Universe, because you are One with the Universe.
Citrine connects you to the Power of the Crystals of the Earth. It activates the
personal power and the physical manifestation. Detoxifies the physical body,
emotional and mental bodies. People with addictions are on a self-destructive
path. Citrine diminishes this need for eternal self-destruction by raising self-
esteem. Good oil for business, ie: drop on a Fifty dollar bill attracts more
$50.00 bills. For merchants to attract and maintain income to builds at a
steady pace.

“I do hereby affirm that I AM using the Citrine Oil to consciously align my path as I am
detoxifying physically, intellectually, emotionally with the use of this oil. Citrine enhances
healing energies, raising my self esteem. A powerful alignment and I ask for guidance from the holy Trinity, the Elohim, the Ascended Masters, from the Angelic Kingdom and from my higher