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Beauty Pad


The Beauty Pad provides a gentle massage with its smooth side and yang stimulation on the brush side.  Its rounded spikes quickly activate the massaged area without damaging the skin, generating a very pleasant sensation of relief and relaxation.

Use of the beauty pad produces fast, visible results in anti-wrinkle facial treatments.
For example, in treating a double chin, in small circles massage from the base of the chin to the maxillary angle for 4 minutes, twice a day.  

Expression lines on the forehead can be gradually smoothed out by means of a circular massage working from the centre of the brow towards the temples.

Used on the body, the beauty pad produces yang effects to prepare and facilitate drainage in anti-cellulite treatments. The beauty pad helps revitalize the root of the hair and can have healthy affect on the scalp (alopecia, dandruff, dullness, itching, etc.) alter the appearance and the condition of the hair. Gentle stimulation for 4 minutes a day encourages micro circulation and nutrition of the scalp.