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Amethyst Mist

Amethyst Mist


The Powerful Ancient healer, for body, mind and spirit.
Transmutes lower Energies into Higher Energies.
Clears and Transmutes distortion of the Crown Chakra.

HISTORICAL USES: Used in the oldest medicine of Ayurvedic. East Indians used Amethyst to  overcome Karma. The Hebrews used it to represent courage, justice and self-discipline.  Associated to the Violet flame and has attributes of the Violet Flame, ie: Love and Trust. Used in  Alchemy to symbolize the creative fire of God. Transforms and purifies lower energies into higher

Amethyst is an ancient method of healing on all levels of the individual, ie: emotional body, the spiritual body, the intellectual body and the physical body. It has a cleansing and purifying strength. It restructures and renews. It transforms lower energies into higher vibrations. It protects against physic manipulation. At this time of great change there are those that are staying in the shadow and attempting to manipulate those that are choosing to stay in the light. Helps to control the emotional temperament. It strengthens the physical body if there is a lot of activity involved. In enhances mental clarity and will power. Helps to control, negative patterns and bad
habits. Enhances greater love. It improves memory. Can alleviate headaches. It will help to calm and induce sleep if dropped on the pillow at bedtime. Aids to calm for channeling. Helps to quiet the mind. For a child it will help to alleviate nightmares. It will assist with impatience or intolerance. Amethyst assists in clarity to see what is required for positive change. It will lift depression. It assists with trust.
Physical: Sleep, Addictions, Mental focus and clarity, Restructures and Renews,
Emotional: Calming, Balances emotions, Trust and Faith, Self Discipline, Protects
against psychic attacks, Courage, Depression, Provides clarity of “what needs to change”

With Pets: Calms and supports pets with anxiety and low self esteem.

Intention: “I hereby affirm I AM using the Amethyst Oil to consciously align my path with the powers to stimulate and soothe my mind and emotions, as in the time of the ancients. This is a precious oil for love and dignity. I ask for guidance in this from the Holy Trinity, the Elohim, the Ascended Masters, the Angelic Kingdom and my spirit guides”.