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Where to begin? Talent as dynamic as Erica's is definitely one of a kind. Every class brings me eye-opening concepts to add to my practice. I met Erica in 2019 as a student of Facial Reflexology. I was amazed at the breadth of her knowledge and ability to communicate complex concepts with ease in both theory and practice. So intrigued by all I learned so quickly,  I've also taken both foot and ear trainings as well. This extra layer deepened my practice as a whole and gave a deeper understanding of how it all ties together. 
This is an instructor that brings her entire being to the classroom.  If you are new to the subject, have no fear -she will meet you right where you are. If you're a seasoned practitioner, you'll not be disappointed.  I count myself very lucky to call her a mentor and friend. 
Seven Brown, NYC


Erica is an amazing teacher. She is so knowledgeable and enthusiastic and made the whole course such a pleasure to be part of.

Judy Newbury, Australia

This has been one of the best training I've participated in in years! I am impressed with Erica, with the company, with the methods and the tools & support offered. This training will change my business for the better - I can see so many ways to improve my treatments, client education of Skincare, self-care and Holistic Health. The apps provide more sophisticated reporting than anything I've received from any doctor. I'm excited to be part of the growth of Dien Chan and see all that is to come!  

Maggie K, USA

Erica is an exceptional educator and knowledgeable instructor. As a nurse practitioner, I personally appreciated her vast knowledge of body systems and her innate ability to relate intricate concepts in an easily understandable manner. She has an easy manner and relaxed teaching style. I have never been in a 3 day conference that was so fascinating that the time just flew by!

Nancy G, USA

Sometimes you're lucky enough to take a class that sends you running down a new and exciting path. MultiReflex taught me new ways to improve my client's skin and overall health in the treatment room and beyond. 

Tata F, USA

Erica is extremely knowledgeable about Dien Chan. She shared her content in an open, supportive fashion, where questions were encouraged and answered in a way that it can be used in a practical setting. Looking forward to the next course.

It changed my life! It empowered me to look at health in a different way.

Kati M, CAN

Excellent learning opportunity to develop skills for practice of Multireflexology. Very good value.

Shannon S, CAN

I had taken the Level 1 training about a year and a half ago and was impressed then by the amount of information conveyed.  Erica is quite knowledgeable and frank about the practice of Multireflexology, a modality with a multitude of applications.  Taking the course a second time was really helpful because the most important aspects jumped out and because there were things that I missed the first go-round.  Erica is a patient instructor who involves everyone in the practice of the techniques and in the review of concepts throughout the training.  Multireflexology has so many applications that 



I was amazed with how the face is linked to other parts of the body and how something as simple as touch can assist the body with healing itself without supplements, chemicals, lotions and injections.

Treena R, USA

Erica Weiland is a powerhouse instructor who will challenge you, guide you and keep you engaged in your journey of understanding Dien Chan/Chan Beaute.

She’s incredibly knowledgeable and focused but also relatable and welcoming. I have walked away from Module 1 knowing that I can begin incorporating Chan Beaute and Dien Chan into my Esthetics Business. I’m grateful for her energy and dedication to sharing her knowledge and am decided that I’ll continue my education with her!

Michael was also very encouraging and quick to distribute course materials and tools! Thanks guys!

Colleen D

Erica was great.  I felt like we got individual attention and help with technique and that she provided us a great base of knowledge for us to build upon. 

Tracy B