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Facial Reflexology Certification Pathway

The ISMDC pathway for practitioner and certified reflexology therapists is in the following sequencial order:

➟ Module One | Reflex Program

➟ Module Two | Professional Program

➟ Module Three | Clinician Program

You must complete all of the components in each series before moving onto the next one. For example: the Reflex Program is the pre-requisite to attending the Professional Program, the Professional Program is the pre-requisite for attending the Clinician Program.


Two ways you can participate in Facial Reflexology Dien Chan. 

Practitioner Pathway: You are interested in using the technique of Dien Chan in your own practice, for personal use with family and friends or as an integration of the technique as part of your current designations i.e Massage Therapist, Chiropractor, Naturopath etc. This means you will only be designated as a practitioner at each level. 

Certified Reflexology Therapist: Facial Reflexology is considered one of the qualifying techniques in order to become a Certified Reflexology Therapist. This credential is for people wanting to practice reflexology as a stand alone method, in a professional and therapeutic setting and require a designation in order to qualify for liability practice insurance. This pathway will include exams and practical case studies throughout the 'Series. This pathway will provide you with the requirements to challenge the national Canadian reflexology board exams for Registered Canadian Reflexology Therapist (RCRT™) and hopefully more designations will be added as we continue to lobby with industry leaders.