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Lara Bokenfohr



Lara is passionate about holistic health and wellness. She has worked in healthcare for over 15 years as an Occupational Therapist, Certified Health Coach and most recently, as a Reflexologist. Reflexology encompasses many of her beliefs into a powerful complementary treatment modality. She believes that the body has an innate ability to heal itself and repair imbalances when given the chance and she prides herself on being a compassionate and caring health provider dedicated to helping her clients to heal.

Grounded Sole Reflexology

Facial Reflexology: Holistic Infinity Facials

Roots and Above: Combo Reflexology

Liana Tomowich



Liana is one of a kind. Her 30 years of experience gives her an edge unheard of in the field of natural health. Liana is intuitive and enjoys guiding her clients on their specific healing journey. She has a touch that soothes. Although Liana loves working with all types of health concerns, her specialties are * Immune System, Digestive issues and Encouraging Delivery of Baby's.
Liana Tomowich is a Registered Reflexology Practitioner (RRPr), Certified Aromatherapist, Nutritional Consult and Instructor.

Foot Reflexology

Roots and Above: Foot reflexology, Arm and Hand Reflex

Wet Indian Head Massage with Arm/Hand Reflex

Aroma Massage

Addons: Hand Reflex

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Jharna merani


For the longest time, I was secretly aware of having an intuitive touch but struggled to find a therapy to channel it. Over the last few years, it was an awakening to focus more on the mind body connection.
I am passionate about helping others to slow down the pace of their minds in order to cope better with the demands of life.
Reflexology has been an amazing vehicle for me to assist others to reduce stress and operate in a more comfortable space for day to day life.

Foot Reflexology

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Erica Weiland


Erica’s true desire is to bring light into peoples lives. Her mission is to empower her clients to know they are the true master healer. Erica loves integrating nutrition, EFT, body movement and energy medicine into her treatment depending on the clients needs and wants. She specializes in chronic conditions, autoimmune, unanswered issues, skin rebalancing, foot pains, scars and energetic connections. Erica has been a registered therapist for over 12 years, teaches foot and facial reflexology through our school.

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